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Clients of Joni BP Psychology and Coaching come from a variety of referral sources

These can be covered under a variety of funding arrangements. For example,


Fees vary depending on the type of referral and the practitioner who provides the service.

  • Self-referral.
  • General Practitioners – particularly under mental health care plans. (See the Medicare section below for more detail)
  • Private health insurance. (See below for more detail)
  • Employee Assistance programs for a few government and business organisations.
  • Insurance companies.


Joni charges a standard fee that is approximately $35-50 above the medicare rebate.

At present this system enables 10 sessions per calendar year with the possibility of a further six under exceptional circumstances. You will need to see a GP before your first session and obtain a valid Mental Health Care Plan and referral. The referral is at the discretion of the GP and there must be a mental health diagnosis eg anxiety disorder or depression. When arranging an appointment you advise the receptionist when making the booking that you are seeking this plan and need to book a long consultation.

Private Health

Rebates are available with most private health insurers.

The rebate is usually between $40 to $70, and for a limited number of sessions. We recommend you contact your insurer to check your level of cover and the rebate. Receipts are provided to claim a rebate.

Reduced Incomes may be eligible for a reduced fee.

Application is suggested at first contact.

All cases will be assessed on individual merit.